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    I am a Junior in college, studying French, German and Spanish. I'm thinking about teaching when I finish school, but more than anything, I want to learn languages and be a mother. My husband, John, is a sophomore studying to be a systems administrator. We've been married for almost a year now (May 23, 1998 was our wedding day) and we plan to wait a few years on kids. I love to chat (when I have time) and have made oodles of online companions, and even a few good friends (Yes, grynch, I mean you!) I have an enormous family, including my only full sister, Jennifer, who falls victim to urban I used to!

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I have one mother, Laurie, and her husband, Wael. I have a sister, Jennie and a half sister, Kristen. I have a wonderful foster family: my mom, Beth, my dad, Warren, and my two sisters, Meredith and Sarah. Meredith is married and has a little baby girl, Marissa, and Sarah is engaged. I also have four stepsisters from my late father's second marriage, and they all have kids. I'm married to a marvelous man, John, who has an older brother (married, his name is Phil, hers is Megan, with two girls, Emily and Kendra). I also have a mother-in-law and father-in-law, Cheryl and Steve(respectivly).


My friends are cool...but I have so many if I start listing, I'd neglect some...


This section is supposed to be about hobbies....Um, does Star Trek count as a hobby? No, really, I love ST, but I'm also a movie fan in general, and I love Star Wars (GO EPISODE I). I love to read and attend plays: my husband I met while we were performing in a play...ah, romance! Classic rock rules, as does all things foreign...or so I say...I'm a huge fan of foreign languages, and when I'm driving, I like to blast French music (we love Lara and Celine). I have pen pals in France, and I'd love to meet new people!