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Chapters 1-9:
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Chapters 10 +

 Chapter 10  
 	When Emily came in the next morning, she found Charles asleep on Eileen’s 
bed and Eileen resting peacefully in his arms.  She looked at Eileen’s IV and saw that it 
had been readjusted during the night.  She reached down and gently shook Charles 
	“Charles?  Wake up.  It’s time for you to get ready for class.”  
	“Oh.  Thanks, Emily.  I promise, it’s not what it looks like.”  
	“I’m guessing that she had night terrors, she couldn’t get back to sleep, so you 
held her and fell asleep in the process.  I didn’t think anything more of it.  Did she pull 
her IV loose?”  
	“Yeah, how could you tell?”  
	“There’s a bit of blood on her hand where it seems that the needle was torn 
loose.  Don’t worry, she’s fine, I’m sure.  Shall we wake her so you can get to class?”  
	“I don’t want to, but I guess I oughta.  It took her so long to get back to sleep 
last night.”  
	“I’m not surprised.  Here, we’ll be gentle, and she should be able to get right 
back to sleep.”  So saying, Emily reached down and gently shook Eileen’s arm.  Charles 
carefully leaned forward with her and began to stroke her hair, quietly murmuring for 
her to wake up.  
	“Eileen, honey, wake up.  It’s time for me to go to class.  Emily’s here to stay 
with you.”  
	Eileen struggled to wake up.  “You’re leaving?”  
	“Only for a little bit.  Emmy’s here to stay with you until I come back.”  
	“I promise.  I’ll stay right here, and you’ll be fine.”  
	“Oh.  OK.”  Sleepily, she sat up and let Charles rise.  He settled her head back 
onto the pillow and kissed her forehead.  
	“So sleepy,” she murmured as she drifted off again.  
	“She’ll be fine.  You scoot.  I’ll stay right here with her.  I think her mom said 
she’d be over this morning.  You go to class and relax.”  
	“You’re certain she’ll be OK?”  
	“Certain.  Go, or you’ll be late.”  
	Sighing heavily, he grabbed his duffel bag and headed for the door.  
	Emmy looked around the room.  In his hurry to comfort Eileen, Charles had left 
his bed in a disarray.  Eileen’s clothes were in a heap in the corner.  Her sheets were a 
disorganized mess, twisted as they half covered her.  Her teddy bear, so kindly brought 
over by Anna, had fallen onto the floor sometime during the night.  
	As Emily put the room in order, a nurse came in to check on the sleeping Eileen.  
	“May I watch when you change her bandage?  I’m a nursing student.”  
	“If she agrees, you can change it yourself.  I’d have to stay and watch, but I’d be 
glad to allow you the opportunity to learn.  Besides, someone will have to change her 
bandages for her when she go back to campus.”  
	“Has the doctor said when?”  
	“It looks like he’ll be releasing her tomorrow.  Here, I’ll wake her up.  She has 
to take her medicine anyway.”  
	“Eileen?  Eileen, honey, it’s time to take your medicine and change your 
bandages.”  Emily carefully woke her friend.  
	“Emily?  Where did Charles go?”  
	“He went to class, honey.  Don’t you remember?”  
	“Oh, yeah, that’s right.”  Eileen shook her head and slowly sat up.  
	“Eileen, do you mind if I change your bandage for you?  The nurse will be right 
here to make sure I do it right.”  
	“Sure.  You’re my favorite nurse, Emmy.”  Eileen smiled at her friend.  
	With the nurse watching carefully, Emily carefully peeled away the bandage on 
Eileen’s arm first.  Eileen took one look at the wound and turned away.  Emily carefully 
cleaned the area and applied a clean bandage before moving on to the incision the 
doctor had made on Eileen’s  abdomen.  The attack had left her with internal bleeding, 
and it had been this more than the gash on the arm that caused trouble.  Eileen’s 
appendix had threatened to rupture, and the doctor had removed it.  Repeated punches 
and kicks to the abdomen had done more physical damage than anything else her 
attacker had done.  Emily gently cleaned around the stitches and rebandaged the 
	“When am I going back to school?”  
	“The doctor is gonna send you home tomorrow, but you’re to remain in bed 
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Sunday you’ll be allowed to move about a bit; actually, 
you’re supposed to work up all weekend so that you can go to class Monday.  However, 
you’re not to do any heavy lifting or over extend yourself for a while, which means 
that Monday, after class, it’s back to bed to rest.”  
 Chapter 11  
 	She spent the day in the hospital, surrounded now by friends and flowers.  Her 
momma had brought some roses and a vase so that she could arrange them, as she had 
the summer before.  Charles’ parents came by and brought Annie, his niece, to visit.  
The little girl was a bundle of pure energy and bounced around the room with Eileen’s 
bear.  Bruce, the pastor of Charles and Eileen’s church, came by with a card and 
encouragement.  One of her professors even stopped by with food.   
	“Hospital fare is never much good.  Here; my mom always said chicken soup 
was good for anything that ailed you.” 
	  A smile lit the corners of Eileen’s face as she replied “Just what I needed: 
Jewish penicillin!” 
	She was never alone, just as Jenny had promised.  Charles stayed with her most 
of the day, and her parents stayed all morning.  Anna brought a radio over, and Eileen 
spent the day listening to sappy love songs.  Later, when the doctor came in to check on 
her, she smiled merrily, trying desperately to hide her terror. 
	“The nurse tells me that you had a bit of an upset last night.  What happened?” 
	“Oh, it was just a nightmare,” Eileen tried to laugh it off.  “Charles soothed my 
nerves and I was able to get back to sleep after a bit.” 
	“How long a bit?” 
	“I don’t know,” she shrugged.  “Long enough.  I was so tired when I woke up 
this morning.” 
	“Have you gotten any sleep today?” 
	“Not really.” 
	He examined the stitches he had used to close the incision.  “They seem to be 
	“You’re surprised?” 
	“You thrashed enough to tear your IV out.  You could easily have torn out these 
stitches as well.” 
	“You are a good seamstress,” she laughed nervously. 
	“Just be careful.  It could be dangerous to reopen these sutures.” 
	“I promise,” she had said solemnly.  
	Charles and his parents had insisted that she spend the weekend at his house 
where she could be looked after and would have fewer stairs to negotiate. Eileen 
turned them down, saying “I don’t want to worry you.  I’ll be fine at the dorm.”  In 
truth, she was terrified of being alone at the house.  She told Jenny this, and Jenny 
expliained it to Charles, who buffered the news when he told his parents.  In the end, 
Eileen decided to stay at the dorm.  Her parents left that afternoon after seeing to it that 
Eileen would have everything she needed. 

Chapter 12 

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