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This page is here, silently giving support to ALL
 of my friends, young and old.  If you have a 
homepage that's not listed here and you think you
 should be...
1) Follow my links: One link may lead to your page.
  When I learn more HTML, I will build a better page
 and include you directly.  Until then, you're a link
 to a link to a link.
2) If you STILL don't find yourself, drop me a line
 or give me a nudge when we next meet.
3) Please don't feel aren't alone or
 unloved.  It's 5 am and I just REALLY didn't feel 
 like spending hours sorting out my bookmarks and 
 builiding this silly page!!
 (Don't ask me what I'm doing up at 5 am...I haven't
 figured that one out yet!)

On a side note:
    I want all of my friends to know that I love ALL
of you...even the stubborn bull-headed ones.  I wish
things were different, but they aren't.  In the meantime,
there are far too many legitimate enemys to peace out 
there with out us bickering with each other!!  We are 
only granted so many days on earth to love one another, 
so we have to make the most of them.  Please, put the 
hurt, the anger, and the hate aside long enough to reach 
out in love.  I think we could turn the world around if 
we did!
*Stepping off of her soap box*

people have payed me a visit!!


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