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Wedding Pictures

I think I managed to get all the pictures woking now; if you find a mistake, please let me know! Thanks!

OK, this is the newest addition to my page yet...

The wedding section!

John and I got married on May 23 1998 (No matter what the camera print on the pictures may say!) in a small simple but elegant ceremony in our church, Hilltop Baptist.

I was so nervous and the whole thing was so emotionally charged that I cried during my own wedding. My foster sister, Sarah, sang "How Beautiful" and our friend Ira sang two songs: one as the ceremony was beginning, and the other later. He sang "Bewildered", a song which I wrote and he put to music for me, and "The Wedding Song" ("There is love, there is love...")Don't worry...I'm looking for a midi of that to put on this page...

I was NOT LATE (No, really, that's impressive for me!) and the whole thing went off without any hitches save our own!

Any way: ON TO THE PICS!

Ooooops...I forgot...I also have honeymoon pics included.

We went to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!(In Florida). We got there Sunday afternoon and went to the Magic Kingdom. Monday we went to Epcot....mostly Future World, and a Polynesian Luau. Tuesday we went to MGM Studios and then back to Epcot to tour the World Showcase. Wednesday, we walked around Animal Kingdom a bit before leaving again for Oklahoma.


Catching the Bouquet:
Cutting the cake:
Honeymoon pics 2: Us at Epcot
The Family Picture:
The Fellowship Hall: Wasn't it lovely?!
Getting ready to throw the bouquet:
Getting ready to throw the garter: The polka dot dress is our caterer/coordinator, Margaret
My first taste of married life:
My favorite pic: I think we look marvelous here...
Honeymoon pics 4: These are from the Animal Kingdom
The Mustached Avenger: It's really our College Director at Church
Attack of the birdseed: They even put it in our luggage!
Wedding Bubbles: Sarah, Emily, and Ira
Look what they did to our car!: Shoepolish, string, toilet paper, and BIRDSEED!
Another pic of the two of us:
More of the newlyweds:
More newlyweds:
The Newlyweds in the Fellowship hall:
My and My Sister Jenny: My father's only other daughter...and the last of the Jourden's
Ira and I: Ira was a doll. He was night security guy at my dorm last year, and we became great friends.
His first taste of married life:
John Laughing: The bachelors wouldn't catch the garter...Ira finally picked it up off the floor where he let it fall!
Honeymoon Pics 1: Us at the Magic Kingdom Sunday afternoon
Honeymoon pics 3: Here's us at MGM Studios
John's Brother and Family: They have a new baby: Kendra
The Punch: No, no one got hit
Our Rings:
Our rings...on one of our napkins: They nest together, mine inside of his...
His Parents: Steve and Cheryl
The bachelorettes: We moved them to the other side of the room so that the bouquet wouldn't land in the punch or something!
The single men: At least, most of them...none of whom caught the garter
Sarah caught it: Despite Jenny's best efforts to
Sarah and I: Sarah welcomed me into her home when her parents took me in...we've been sisters by choice ever since
Steve's toast:
My parents: Warren and Beth Smith
Dad's Toast:
Some friends: Debbie and Thomas, Delaynna and Scott

Can you believe only people have been here? Where is everyone?

The words to "Bewildered"

Lyrics by H. Jourden*3/23/98
Music by I. Wilson

The way that You love me
Like I can't even love myself
Accepting and forgiving

In me the beauty
That I am blind to
Looking past the faults
That I allow to slay me

And You gaze lovingly
And Your eyes pierce my soul
And You see what I can't 
And You love me anyways (x2)

and I can only be...bewildered...

The way You love me
You let him show me
Encouraging and caring

Him the beauty
I never seem to see
And as I tumble into
His love I find Yours

And You gaze lovingly
And Your eyes pierce my soul
And You see what I can't 
And You love me anyways (x2)

and I can only be
oh Lord I can only be
I can only be...