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OK, so I suck and I never update my pages.
Well, ha ha...I did now!

Anyway, I've been married for almost a year now (I'm still not used to it!)
and I'm nuts about my husband.

I don't get to chat much anymore, between school and working at Mcdonald's.
I don't get to e-mail as often either, but still, do keep in touch!

Je parle franšais, Ich kann Deutsch, & hablo espa˝ol, so do write to me!

As far as what I keep busy with, John and I go to the movies frequently,
and rent even more often.  We're addicted to a local auction show
(Honk if you watch Bargain world!) and love South Park!  Other than
that, we try to do well in school (and when you study three languages,
that can be the real challange) and just make it through.  We don't
hang out super often, but we do enjoy spending time with friends, 
especially if Star Wars is involved!

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