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BeebersMommy: Hi. I was just browsing around. What's that number beside your name mean?

sailorprizm: where'd you really get my sn?

BeebersMommy: I was just browsing, and I saw this and wondered.

sailorprizm: tell the truth or i'm not gonna talk to u.

BeebersMommy: What's it matter?

sailorprizm: cuz why should i waste my time talking to someone who doesn't trust me?

BeebersMommy: I think you're the one who doesn't trust me. I tell you I saw you while I was browsing, and you accuse me of lying to you.

sailorprizm: i don't trust me cuz u're not telling me the truth

sailorprizm: what's your name and asl??

BeebersMommy: what's ASL?

sailorprizm: AGE-SEX-LOCATION

BeebersMommy: My name is Kristen, I'm 11, and I live in Warren, PA.

BeebersMommy: Why?

BeebersMommy: What's yours?

sailorprizm: and your email?

BeebersMommy: My mom doesn't like me giving that out. She'd be mad if she knew I'd told you my name. She'll take away my priviliges.

BeebersMommy: I'm not even supposed to be on this late.

sailorprizm: what she doesn't know won't hurt her

BeebersMommy: What's your name and ASL?

sailorprizm: roy. 16-m-germany

BeebersMommy: I studied German in school. Not alot, though. ich heisse Kristen.

sailorprizm: what's ur email?

BeebersMommy: No. My mom would take away my privilges, and I have to much fun online. I love You never told me what that number means.

sailorprizm: what number?

BeebersMommy: the one beside your name. at the top of my little wondow thingy.

sailorprizm: could u tell me the truth please. i want to know where u got my sn.