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This Member Page of Kitty Power is dedicated to my favorite Anime animal: Sweet Luna from SailorMoon!

Luna is the first Cat met in the series, though Artemis found Minako first. When we first Luna, she has a bandaid on her head covering her moon symbol, and she befriends clutzy Tsukino Usagi. Luna reveals that Usagi is actually Sailor Moon, defender of the Moon Kingdom from the long gone Silver Millenium. Luna guides Sailor Moon in her mission to defeat the NegaForce and Queen Metllia and to find her missing Princess.

I've been deprived in that I've seen very few episodes of SailorMoon in the original. The rest have been dubbed by DiC and then by CWI, so it is their work that has familiarised me with Luna. The image above is from the Sailor Moon S movie when Luna falls in love a human, Kakeru, and her only wish is to be human so he will love her back.

This is Luna as a human girl after Sailor Moon wishes it for her.

Luna is fiercly loyal, both to her queen, her princess, her sailor, and to her ideals. When she sees how Kakeru loves Himiko, she gives up her love for him so that he may be with Himiko. Artemis is not far behind, and it is he who will prove to be Luna's true love (which may be good, since she can be a cat and be loved). You couldn't ask for a better Neko-Chan.

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