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This list has been futher "cleaned up". Every author who has written 2 or more schemes has thier own page. There is little rhyme or reason to the order of the list. At the bottom are the authors with only one scheme. There's nothing wrong with that, but I just wasn't willing to give those a page of their own. Also, those schemes for which I have no author are on their own page, under "uncredited". Any questions or suggestions? Email me at

I've removed the unedited list. I still have it, if you want it. Otherwise, since it is now outdated, I see no reason to keep it here.

This list is one I've gone through and tried to give credit where it's due. There are brief notes concerning some of them. Please take the time, if your scheme has a note beside it, to fix whatever I listed as broken. If I've deleted any actual viable schemes, then there was no sample page listed in the scheme table. Make one and send me the url and I'll add you.

Have you made a scheme I don't have listed? Email me, silly! =)

Final note: all of the schemes are now being organized by topic. As soon as I can make a page for those, as well, I'll put that link here. Thanks for your patience.


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20 September 2000, 21:00 CDT