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Scheme Submission

OK, I know that sometimes I get behind and don't update my list as often as I should. I try to update about once a week, but I miss things, sometimes. If I have overlooked your scheme, you can use this little form to help me keep current. Also remember that I've set up the account so that other people can help me keep things current. The user name and password there is: tlera (username) & schemelist (password). As always, questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to

Let's start with the basics:

User Name

What would you say the topic of your scheme is? Is it SailorMoon, Anime, or other? Is it character specific? Also, would you like to put any kind of special note beside your scheme in the list? Is it specifically designed to be netscape compatable, for instance?

Last revised: September 20, 2000